Conflict, resolution and Tenancy Tribunal

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Dealing with the Tenancy Tribunal can sometimes feel like playing Russian Roulette. However, it should not and does not have to be this way. Too often, Property Managers do not get want they want because they lack the knowledge as to how the Tribunal works. They also lack preparation and fail to plan sufficiently before heading into battle. We will show you have to get a resolution as well as hopefully without avoiding Tribunal in the first place.

In this webinar, we will teach you the following:

  • The psychology of how disputes arise within the highly charged environment of renting
  • How to control your ego and help find a resolution
  • A basic understanding of principled negotiation
  • Get both the tenant and the landlord to say yes
  • How to prepare for the Tribunal
  • Understanding of how the Tribunal works
  • Relevant sections of the Residential Tenancies Act that will help you

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