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Like many of us whom work in this industry, I stumbled on Property Management.

I did not choose Property Management, Property Management chose me and I am glad it did. The industry is diverse and challenging yet too often the people who work in the industry do not get the adequate support and training they require to help them.

Throughout my career in Property Management, I have seen so many Property Managers struggle to deal with the pressures of the role. Many subsequently burn out and leave the industry. Although some people are simply not cut out for Property Management, many should have been retained. They lacked the training and support and all too often were left on their own to fend for themselves.

This was one of my main motives for going into business. Real iQ was formed to improve the Property Management industry.

This is why we decided to make webinars available, so you can further your industry knowledge.

We hope you find the webinars helpful and good luck with your future progression in an industry that we dearly love.

The webinar bundle includes the following:

  • Market the property your way
  • Look after your tenants and they will look after you
  • How to handle yourself in tribunal
  • How much does it cost to be a landlord?
  • Getting the landlord to say yes!
  • How to maximise your online presence
  • Rent arrears: Forget zero tolerance policy, try the broken window policy
  • The top 10 KPIs to use in property investment
  • How to knock out inspections
  • Audit your portfolio: Why you need to do it
  • Tips to keep safe in property management
  • Changes in legislation for property management
  • Top 10 tips in dealing with conflict and negotiation
  • Investment jargon: What is it all about?
  • Maximise your income
  • Create an audience, not a database
  • Health and safety at work act 2015
  • Business planning: Why you need to do it!
  • Budget writing and reading a profit and loss
  • Changes in legislation: How it could affect property management: Part 1
  • Changes in legislation: How it could affect property management: Part 2
  • 2017 great property management survey
  • The best of British property management
  • The new Healthy Homes Standards explained
  • Legislation update – The changes just keep coming

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