Healthy Homes – How to implement the standards in 2020

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With just over 18 months before the first deadline, it is imperative that the industry takes the bull by the horns and starts leading the charge in implementing these standards. There are approximately 250,000 managed properties that will need to meet the standards.

The lesson learnt from implementing the insulation standards is that leaving it to landlords is a recipe for disaster. We will see incorrect statements, a lack of evidence, and some landlords simply not bothering. In 2020 the industry will need to start inspecting their rent rolls to ensure that we meet the first deadline on July 1st 2021. However, there will be many issues that we have to contend with.

• Who will be inspecting the properties?
• What will they be charging?
• Do they have the capacity to carry out the work?
• What qualifications if any, do they need?
• Are there any conflicts of interest?

In this opinion piece David Faulkner will be sharing his ideas on how to tackle what will be the major issue in 2020 and beyond. We need a proactive response that will get landlords onboard without offending or dictating to them. David will share his ideas on how to do this.

All attendees will also receive template letters that can be used to educate landlords with the intention of high conversion of compliance.

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