Residential Tenancy Agreement with Lease Renewal

$250.00 + GST

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2020 is here and as such, we have updated our Tenancy Agreement to ensure that this is compliant with all of the amendments. The assignment clause has been removed and we have strengthened the Healthy Homes statement without extending it to 13 pages which is what the Tenancy Services Healthy Homes Statement is. The Tenancy Agreement highlights the relevant sections of the RTA along with hyperlinks so both parties have simple access so parties to the contract can do their own research without re-writing sections of the RTA into the contract. The Tenancy Agreement has been updated by Real iQ and our company solicitor, Fitzherbert Rowe in Palmerston North. It covers the following.

  • Detailed healthy homes statement
  • Landlords insurance details
  • Outlines the relationship between the tenant and the Property Manager
  • Responsibilities in regards to repairs and maintenance of both parties
  • Outlines the process for tenants doing minor changes
  • Outlines correct notice periods
  • Comes with additional clauses

The Tenancy Agreement also comes with a Lease Renewal document which is compliant with the amendments. These documents were updated of as of the 10th of February 2021.

The documents are available to download on the screen following payment. Please do not close your browser until you have downloaded these.

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