Maintenance contractors agreement

$495.00 + GST

The new Health and Safety Reform Bill came into effect in April 2016. Every Property Management company will need a Contractors Agreement going forward.

With increased legislation around Health and Safety in the workplace, it is imperative that you have agreements in place with contractors. Terms such as PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) will become well known once this bill becomes law. Your contractors will be your responsibility and as such, you need to have an agreement in place.

This specially written Contractors Agreement puts the responsibility on the contractors and protects you and your business. This can be used for all contractors that work for you. By signing this document, they are saying that they are qualified and insured to carry out work for your investors. The Contractors Agreement has been written by our team of solicitors and is specific to the Property Management industry.

The Contractors Agreement focuses on the following aspects:

  • It ensures that contractors are qualified to carry out the work requested and they will not do work that they are not qualified to do.
  • Your contractors accept that they are adequately insured.
  • Your contractors agree that they and any of their employee’s, are aware of their obligations under Health and Safety at work.
  • You will be indemnified from any claims or costs made due to work or activity undertaken by the contractor
  • Your business will not be liable for any costs if your clients do not pay so long as you have taken necessary steps to recover the debt.
  • Do not delay, get your Contractors Agreement today!

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