Breach Bundle

$249.00 + GST

We see too many letters being used which are crude, unemotional and even sometimes inaccurately quoting the wrong sections of the Residential Tenancies Act. Therefore, we have taken time to put together a number of breach letters that are written in a respectful way so as not to offend your tenants. Each letter takes time to explain what their rights and responsibilities are and also under which section of the RTA.

The Bundle includes the following letters:

  • 14 day notice for rent arrears
  • 14 day notice for derelict cars
  • 14 day notice for lawns and gardens
  • 14 day notice for the number of occupants exceeding the Tenancy Agreement
  • 14 day notice for unauthorised pets
  • 14 day notice for rubbish and foodstuff
  • 14 day notice for smoking
  • 14 day notice for alterations to the premises
  • Breach letter refusing to allow access
  • Breach notice for taking down smoke alarms
  • Anti-social behaviour letter
  • Aggressive behaviour letter

The Breach Bundle is the perfect tool for your team to use in difficult situations that happen all the time in Property Management.

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