The Future of Property Management with Harrison Vaughan

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Property Management is evolving like never before. Our industry has faced many challenges in recent history and the future will be no different. How we run our portfolios will change as automation and AI (artificial intelligence) will continue to impact our industry.

With change comes opportunity. In this webinar, Harrison Vaughan (Director of Tommy’s Property Management) will show you the tools that they use to enhance their client experience whilst helping to improve efficiency within his team.

He will also look at the challenges both externally and from within our industry that we must strive to overcome if we are to continue to be relevant and enhance the client and customer experience. This is a must-watch webinar from one of our industries youngest entrepreneurs.

About Harrison:
Still, only in his mid-twenties, Harrison is one of the success stories of the Property Management industry. Starting out just over four years ago at the age of 21, Harrison has helped grow Tommy’s into an award-winning Property Management Business by focusing on technology along with high levels of customer service. With a background in IT and development, Harrison will share with you the tools he uses to manage the business and gives his predictions as to how the industry is developing in terms of Prop-Tech.

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